Author name: Leslie Porter

Certified Wildlife Habitat Plaque

Garden for Wildlife

At our Earth Day Fresno event we surveyed locals about their biggest environmental concern. If you were able to visit our booth, you might already know that my biggest concern is Wildlife Welfare. While I was far from alone, many people I spoke to weren’t sure how they could take action to make a difference.

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Earth Day Fresno Survey

Survey Results

On April 22nd, 2023 at the Earth Day Fresno event at Fresno City College we asked attendees about their biggest environmental concerns. Attendees cast their vote by placing a wine cork in corresponding mason jars. We had an amazing turn out with 115 votes cast! It was a close race, and by show of votes,

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Special Thanks!

We want to show our appreciation to our friend Bob Pira for providing us with original artwork. He chose the white egret, because it’s a beautiful majestic creature that though we often see, still makes us pause and entices us to gaze. Spot us sporting this original artwork on t-shirts at Earth Day Fresno!

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Hello world!

Environmental Collaborative is a start-up non-profit organization born out of Earth Day Fresno. Formed in 2022 by a board of 7 environmental enthusiasts, the mission of our NPO is to aid existing environmental non-profits in Central California and beyond. We envision this through building a base of volunteers, providing information, and offering our services.

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