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Cultivating human and environmental harmony

for communities of Central California by providing a platform for exchanging knowledge and promoting the environmental interests of local organizations.

Environmental Collaborative of Central California ecocencal
Members of the board celebrating official nonprofit incorporation in 2022. From left to right: Marcel Woodruff, Radley Reep, Leslie Porter, Connie Young, Warren Shaw, Kendra Staub-Villareal, and Tom Esqueda.
A brief history of the

Environmental Collaborative of Central California (EcoCenCal):


Earth Day Fresno begins

Our roots can be traced back to an informal group that for more than a decade organized community-wide Earth Day events in Fresno.


Leadership Meetings

Believing that Earth Day must be everyday, event organizers convened a series of meetings with the leadership of local environmental groups to begin creating a new 501(c)(3) organization with the aim of creating a centralized platform.



We are dedicated to fostering collaboration among local organizations and empowering our community members to engage in environmental activities.

Join the movement!

EcoCenCal events provide fun ways to learn about environmental stewardship.

Dancing to honor Dawn
Earth Day Fresno
Networking Parties
Nature Walks

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Environmental Collaborative of Central California, P.O. Box 1517, Clovis, CA 93613-1517

Bylaws Section 11.1 “This Corporation values individuality, treats everyone equally and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin or ancestry, citizenship, native language, ethnicity, race, economic status, age, disability, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, marital status or family structure, religion or creed, or any other characteristic protected by law in any of its activities or operations, which include, but are not limited to, the appointment to and termination from its Board of Directors; the hiring and firing of staff and contractors; the selection of volunteers and vendors; and the provision of services.”

Administrative Policy 2.1-3 “In support of balanced and open-minded discourse, the Environmental Collaborative of Central California does not publicly support causes, debate issues, reach conclusions or express opinions related to environmental concerns and situations.  This website may contain material not authored by the Environmental Collaborative of Central California.  The opinions and conclusions contained therein are not those of the Environmental Collaborative of Central California.

Administrative Policy 15.1-2 “Photography and videography may take place at EcoCenCal events, and the images captured may be used for promotional and documentation purposes.” 

Inquiries about EcoCenCal’s administrative policies can be directed to info@ecocencal.org

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