EcoCenCal Solstice Party

On June 22nd, 2023 EcoCenCal sponsored a Solstice Cocktail Party networking event for “Women in Environmental Work”. The goal was to have environmental leaders in the Fresno area together to talk about current events and celebrate recent accomplishments. Organizations were invited to the event based on their previous involvement with Earth Day Fresno, and also extended to any individuals interested in environmental work.

The event was a success with over a dozen local organizations participating. We made flower circlets to celebrate the start of summer, and Yoga of Koren led us in a short sun salutation. Each organization shared news of their current projects and future goals. The discussions were highly encouraging, with Tree Fresno reporting planting over 53,000 trees throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley! The Sequoia Chapter of CNPS also shared about their fall plant sale, and the Fresno Center for Non-Violence shared plans for their 31st anniversary. Golden Charter Academy and Camp Green Meadows spoke about educating youth in environmental stewardship. It was so inspiring to hear about the good work being done for the environment and people in our community.

Photos from the event by Alejandra Estrada:

Organizations present at the EcoCenCal Solstice Party:

Environmental Work in the Fresno Area

Check out the links to the organizations above. There’s a variety of volunteer work to be done including: planting trees & native plants, river clean-ups, environmental education, climate change lobbying, and much more! Many of the women who attended our event have several years of experience in environmental work with so much knowledge to share. Others who attended, including myself, have just started their journeys in environmental stewardship. There’s no better time than right now! To stay in the loop about future events, subscribe to our newsletter, or send an email to info(at)

EcoCenCal is a new community based organization focused on information and opportunity sharing. Check out our About page to learn more. And stay tuned for more posts on environmental stewardship in Central California!

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