Solstice Mixer 2024

EcoCenCal’s annual Summer Solstice mixer party was a huge success! The event provides a networking get-together for people working and volunteering for environmental organizations. It’s always encouraging to hear about what other groups are doing to improve life in the central valley, and talk about how we can collaborate on future projects. It’s also a nice reminder that we all share common goals.

This year’s participants included folks from the following organizations:

Tree Fresno – Seek their verdant embrace!

Our guest speaker this year was the inspirational CEO of Tree Fresno, Mona Cummings. We were absolutely thrilled to have her join us again. The mission of Tree Fresno is to transform the San Joaquin Valley with trees, greenways and beautiful landscapes. Mona shared with us their Adopt a Tree Program, and how they are actively seeking residents of south central Fresno to take home a free 5-gallon drought-tolerant tree. Support is provided to find the right location for the tree and care instructions. The program is open to homeowners, tenants, and commercial properties. Click here to view the SJV Air Pollution Control District boundary map and see if you qualify. You can direct message or follow Tree Fresno on Facebook. Below are the boundary lines for the project:

Solstice Mixer Flower Fun

The best way to celebrate the longest day of the year and kick off summer is with friends and flower crowns! These crowns have many benefits. The act of touching flowers relieves stress and brings joy. It connects us to our ancestors, as humans have enjoyed beautiful flowers forever. The circlet shape honors the sun on the summer solstice.

How to Make Flower Crowns

Making a flower crown is simple. First, measure your head with wire and create a circlet with 2-3 wire loops. Then, snip off the flowers and greens you’d like to use. Use floral tape to attach the flowers to the circlet and voilà! Extend the life of your flower crown by periodically misting it with water. It stores well in the fridge for another day or so.

How sustainable are flower crowns?

When spent, the flowers are fully compostable. They can become a pretty dried flower mulch in the garden. The wire circlets are reusable for many years as the floral tape is easy to remove. I reused mine from last year and have kept it for next year. All the greens we used were sourced right from the landscape bushes in my front yard. We also had a few party participants bring their own blooms, including garden roses and native yarrow. Next year’s goal is to source all flowers from local farms!

Alejandra Photography EcoCenCal Solstice Mixer

Photography by Alejandra Villagomez Estrada

Luminous gratitude to you, Solstice Mixer ensemble!

May your radiance endure!

EcoCenCal is a new community based organization focused on information and opportunity sharing. Check out our About page to learn more. And stay tuned for more posts on environmental stewardship in Central California!

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